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AbeBooks Review

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Founded in 1995, AbeBooks.com made hard-to-find books easy to locate and purchase, transforming the world’s used book business. AbeBooks is a company with a passion for books, providing a place for people to buy and sell textbooks online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Standout Features

  • Vast selection from many sellers
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Partial refunds
  • Privacy and security
  • New customer help center 

Features and Product Selection

AbeBooks has one of the largest selections of textbooks online. As a place for many independent sellers across the globe to sell their textbooks, the site’s inventory is large and varied.

To sell your textbooks online with the company, you can either become a bookseller or sell directly to AbeBooks. They have partnered with TextbooksRUs.com to offer a book buyback program, where you can get paid for your old textbooks by check or PayPal.


While it may not be as polished or as pretty as Amazon’s, Barnes & Nobles’, or Alibris’ websites, AbeBooks.com is well structured and takes the trouble out of navigation. The black text and blue hyperlinks contrast well with the red headers and prices against the white background.

Searching for textbooks online involves the usual title, author, ISBN search methods. The site provides an excellent advanced search engine, allowing users to find textbooks online according to attributes such as binding, edition, published date, and other details such as whether a book is signed or has a dust jacket.


As an online network of independent booksellers, AbeBooks does not warehouse any book inventory. Instead, it facilitates the shipment of textbooks online from seller to buyer. Thus, shipping speeds and prices can vary. Sellers choose their own shipping methods, but most offer several options and provide discounts for orders of multiple textbooks online.

Customer Service

AbeBooks provides a customer support section that is broken down into two categories: buyer questions and seller questions. The most common questions that buyers and sellers have are likely to be addressed in this section. The “New Customer Help Center” is a great place for first-time buyers and sellers to visit.

For specific inquiries about buying and selling textbooks online, users can utilize the “contact customer support” page to email a service representative.

Return Policy

AbeBooks offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases of textbooks online. If your textbooks never arrive, or if you feel that they differ from their online description, you’ll receive a complete refund, including shipping costs. If you are dissatisfied with a textbook but still want to keep it, AbeBooks also allows the issuing of partial refunds.

Sometimes, a buyer may change his or her mind after purchasing textbooks online. Most sellers understand that buyers may change their minds, so they are happy to give refunds or exchanges (minus shipping costs), if a buyer no longer wants an item. However, buyers should always contact a seller before initiating a return, as some may only accept returns if there were errors on the seller’s part.


By providing a home for a large independent seller marketplace, AbeBooks is a wonderful place to find a variety of textbooks online. Buyers can feel safe by relying on AbeBooks’ satisfaction guarantee, and sellers can trust that their listings will get exposure.